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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Surveillance video showed a mob of rowdy high school students beating a man at a Crosstown gas station.

Police said a large group of Northwest Prep Academy students swarmed a BP gas station on Poplar and Cleveland.

Witnesses told WREG the group was out of control.

“”Oh yeah. I was freaked out,” Mary Fuller said.

Fuller was scared and did not feel safe walking to her car.

“As I was going out the door this other gentleman walked out and hollered at them and asked them to be quiet and get off of the parking lot,” Fuller said.

“As we get to the car they are in the parking lot throwing up gang signs and putting up a ruckus,” Orrden Williams, Jr. said.

Williams, the man seen in the video being attacked, told WREG one of the kids “sucker punched” him.

After Williams had been punched in the head, dozens of teenagers swarmed the gas station.

Customers inside of the store jumped, and workers held the door shut as the teens rushed the entryway.

Williams made a mad dash for the car where, he said, one teen threw punches just inches away from his baby’s head.

Williams said he nearly used a gun in his car.

“It would have been a couple of ‘mommas’ who’s child wouldn’t have come home — justifiably not coming home,” Williams said.

Police said the baby was not hurt, but Williams was reportedly bruised all over his upper body.

Customers told WREG they were glad the fight was caught on video, and that police are aware of it.

Williams asked, “What’s next Dorsey Hopson and Toney Armstrong? Somebody’s going to die.”

Fuller said she is glad Williams stepped in to help her, but no one deserves what happened in the video.

“Thank you very much and I’m sorry it happened to him. It’s terrible,” Fuller said.

Police claimed the teenagers also damaged William’s car.

Williams wants the children involved in the beating cited and taken to juvenile court.