Brothers speak out after violent carjacking in East Memphis: ‘You never think it’ll happen to you’

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A night out turned into a nightmare for two brothers who took a brand new car out for a spin Monday night. Kenneth and Robert Farwell were stopped at Shady Grove and White Station Road around midnight when another car zoomed in front of them as soon as the light turned green.

“We got blocked,” Kenneth said.

The brothers say a man got out of the passenger side, ran up to their convertible and pointed a pistol at both of them.

“He said give me your money, give me your wallets,” Kenneth said.

They told him they didn’t have any money, so he jumped in the back of the car. Kenneth tried to get rid of the suspect by briefly hitting the gas.

“I was hoping that he was going to fly out of the car, because it was a convertible and the top’s down and everything. So, I was hoping he was going to fly out of the car, but of course that didn’t happen,” Kenneth said.

And now, the guy was mad. Kenneth says the gunman hit him in the face with the pistol, and then forced his brother out of the passenger seat.

“He hit me twice in the head,” Robert said. “I thought about doing something, but I mean, he had a gun though. You know what I mean?”

At that point, the gunman demanded the car.

“I ended up just getting out and letting him have the car. I didn’t know if that guy was going to shoot me or what, or shoot him or anything,” Kenneth said.

The brothers called 911 as soon the man sped off. They also called the car’s tracking company, which located the vehicle in South Memphis and shut it off. It was abandoned when officers got there. Police are still looking for the carjacker. Right now, all investigators have to go on is a description of the carjacker provided by the victims, and a hooded sweatshirt officers found in the car.

“You know, you never think it’ll happen to you until it happens,” Kenneth said. “We could have been dead. We could have been killed just like that. You never know what these people are thinking.”

The incident left Kenneth with a painful injury, but he’s alive and so is his brother.

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