Brothers help drivers stuck in traffic trying to cross I-55 bridge


WEST MEMPHIS, Ark. — A Mid-South woman wants to thank three brothers who helped her when the truck she was riding in broke down on Broadway Avenue in West Memphis, Arkansas.

Amy Miller says she encountered the young men Tuesday afternoon when temperatures were in the 90’s and the truck overheated. 

She says the brothers were handing out free bottles of water and Gatorade to drivers stuck in traffic while trying to cross the I-55 bridge into Memphis. One of brothers noticed Miller needed help.

So, he pushed their truck to the side of the road and waved to his siblings, who came over and called their mom.

“So, she got on the video and was asking mechanical questions like ‘Well, is the radiator this? Is the alternator that?'” Miller said.

Within minutes, they had the truck running by using a half-and-half bottle of antifreeze and coolant. Miller says the brothers also gave out bottles of antifreeze to drivers who were having the same problem.

“And it was all free, you know?” Miller said.

She says the twins are 18-year-olds named Braylin and Bryan. Their older brother is 28 and is named Joseph.

“I wish you could have been there yourself to see it,” Miller said. “It would have brought tears to your eyes.”

WREG went out Thursday, and while we didn’t see the brothers, we did find a man named Carl Geter, who was also giving out free water.

“Giving it out for, you know, peoples that’s coming in from out of town,” he said, “They don’t know that the bridge is messed up.”

Miller says she can’t thank her good Samaritans enough.

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