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 MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Two brothers were arrested after a violent assault police say began with an argument over someone standing on another person’s front lawn. The attack resulted in one man reportedly being shot a dozen times.

Demario Walker was taken into custody Monday afternoon by the Shelby County Fugitive Squad. He now sits behinds bars, alongside his brother, Darrin Walker.

Longtime neighbors like Terry Webb were shocked knowing crime made its way into his community.

“It is usually quiet over here throughout the daytime, so this is very surprising,” he said.

The alleged crime took place at the end of January along Eason Avenue. Detectives said a woman asked the younger Walker to stay off her front lawn. He responded by calling her a vulgar name, police said.

That’s when the woman’s boyfriend stepped in and he and Darrin go at it in a fist fight. The two separate, but soon Darrin returns with his big brother by his side.

Investigators said the two Walkers pulled their weapons and began firing as the woman’s boyfriend tried running away. He was hit 12 times and left critically injured.

Darrin Walker, was arrested right away while Demario Walker managed to get away.

Three months later both brothers are booked into the Shelby County Jail on attempted murder and firearm charges.