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POTTS CAMP, Miss. — Kevin Thompson is grieving the loss of his sister, Latoya Thompson.

Deputies say Latoya was fatally shot by her estranged husband, Carl Robinson, while she was working at a north Mississippi medical clinic on Tuesday.

“She was the baby of the family. She was the one who was the life of the party,” Kevin said.

He says his sister was the person everyone gravitated to because she showed so much love. Latoya even posted a bible verse on her Facebook page just an hour before her death. She encouraged those who need strength to read and be blessed.

“She was the one who was always smiling. The dimples were as pretty and as deep as ever. She was the family songbird. She was the one who kind of kept us going,” Kevin said.

Latoya was killed Tuesday morning while she was working the front desk of Williams Medical Clinic. Deputies say her husband, whom she was divorcing, shot her. He then turned the gun on himself.

Robinson was set to be on the Democratic primary ballot on August 6 for the Mississippi House of Representatives.

The couple leaves behind a 3-year-old son.

Kevin says Latoya was working on her masters to be a counselor.

“The situation is raw. I’m mad, I’m sad, disappointed. All of that. We’re certain that we will bounce back stronger than ever, because that’s what she would have wanted.”

He also has a message for families who might experience a turbulent relationship.

“If there’s any physical abuse or anything like that, leave. Do what you got to do legally to get protection.”

Court records show  Thompson had amended the couple’s child custody agreement just days before she was shot and killed. On the day she was killed she had entered a revocation of the agreement.