Brother and sister get wishes granted


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Dreams came true Thursday for a Mid-South brother and sister, thanks to the Make A Wish Foundation.

Zacara got a key, and Jerome, a credit card — she gets to take a ride in her dream camper, and he gets to go shopping for the latest gadgets.

It’s not just the kids who were excited. Their doctors were thrilled too.

“They’ve gone through so much that no one of their age should ever have to go through,” said Gary Beasley, a cardiologist at Le Bonheur Children’s Research Hospital. “To watch them get a wish, go through the wish, it truly is better than any medical therapy I can prescribe for them.”

The two found out their wishes were being granted during an on-stage announcement at the Memphis Association of Realtors convention at the Halloran Center.

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