Britney Allgood’s parents say they’re receiving hateful messages after daughter’s death

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Bianca Sims is charged with assault and tampering with evidence after the stabbing death of Britney Allgood nearly four months ago.

Investigators say Sims assaulted Allgood with her car and later deleted her cell phone call and Facetime history with Allgood.

Allgood’s mother, Rebecca, says she hasn’t been able to grieve.

“I’m tired of the harassment. I’m tired of them talking about it. All of the negative comments. It’s hurtful.”

In July, police called the stabbing that was caught on camera self-defense. A video obtained by WREG shows a woman with a knife and a baby being taken from a car.

Allgood’s mother says she has to re-live her only child’s last moments every day when she sees her messages on social media flooded with hate.

She says she was sent a video showing Sims and her friend rapping, making a joke out of her misery. She also says several fake pages message her, threatening her family.

“To know that the murderer that did this to our baby is walking around laughing, mocking and joking about it, that’s the hard part to deal with,” Rebecca said.

As Allgood’s family lives with the haunting thoughts of this case, they are holding on to hope and fighting for justice.

“She was a great child, had no problems, worked hard, went to school, graduated and moved on to bigger and better things. She just got caught up in the wrong situation.”

We’ve tried contacting Sims but haven’t heard back.

Allgood’s family says they’ll be back in court for Sims’ next hearing in November.

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