RIPLEY, Tenn. — A Ripley, Tennessee family has a new set of wheels and it’s all thanks to a manager who put action behind the saying “The customer is always right.”

At the Ripley Walmart, Heather Bensch comes in every week with a plan. A shopping cart has made this a whole lot easier for Bensch and other special needs families.

Before, her daughter McKaela was forced to climb into a regular shopping cart. Now she gets strapped into a “Caroline’s Cart,” which is made for children with special needs.

“She doesnt get as overwhelmed. She can still interact with me and I can go shopping and get the groceries,” said Bensch.

Thanks to store Manager Ghada Sayed, the Ripley Walmart now has a Caroline’s Cart available for all customers.

“She was explaining to me about her daughters condition and I took a look at her daughter and wanted to do everything to help her,” said Sayed.

For McKaela, the new cart means grabbing more of what she likes and adding it to the cart.

“It was a big relief because in the special needs community, you have to continously ask for the things that your child wants or needs. That journey can get very exhausting,” said Bensch.

For Sayed, this new shopping cart means another satisfied customer.

“Something so little to someone can mean the world to someone else,” said Sayed.

Sayed surprised Bensch with the news that 10 additional stores will now have the Caroline’s Cart and they have already ordered it.

“That is such a blessing,” said Bensch.