Three-year-old’s birthday wish results in donation for Germantown school

Bright Spot

GERMANTOWN, Tenn. — They say heroes come in all sizes.

Three-year-old Walsh is your typical toddler who likes dinosaurs, playing outside and fun books, but he already has a heart of gold.

For the second year in a row on his birthday, Walsh decided to give instead of receive. His birthday wish was for his family and friends to donate to the Madonna Learning Center instead of giving him a gift.

The Germantown center helps children and adults with disabilities. One of Walsh’s friends, Mark, attends Madonna. 

Walsh and his mother Brooke presented Madonna Learning Center with $1,000 worth of checks to the school.

“We are grateful to Walsh’s family for instilling in him that wherever there is a human in need, there is an opportunity for kindness and to make a difference,” the Madonna Learning Center said in a statement.  “Walsh is truly a hero demonstrating that anyone, no matter how young or how small, can lead by example and make a big difference in the lives of others.”

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