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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — This summer a local nonprofit is working to keep children busy by getting them outdoors.

Demario Byers and his organization “OYAYA,” Operation Youth and Young Adults, works to save Memphis kids from Memphis crime.

“Our children are running out of things out of things to do that can help their growth and development. (There is a) wrath of violence with our youth. This organization is dragging them out the streets and showing them a different way,” Byers said.

The Oyaya organization took a trip to Mississippi’s great outdoors.

The group camped out and did team building exercises with no electronics. It was a new experience to 12-year-old Spencer Mathes.

“We had so much fun. We were pitching tents and learning how to build campfires… It was just so much fun,” said Mathes.

The goal of OYAYA is to “to stay out of trouble and stay out the streets,” said Mathes.

This is something Mathes already knows about at such a young age. He lost his niece, Breunna Woods, who was only a few years older than him, to gun violence a few months ago.

“She was at the wrong place at the same time,” said Mathes.

Trips like this keep Mathes and other Memphis youth on the right path.

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