MEMPHIS, Tenn. — EES Success Academy teaches students of all ages about entrepreneurship and allows them to make a profit off the books they write.

Robert Washington says the classroom at the academy helped turn around his bad grades. “Teachers couldn’t get hands-on. There was a class with 40 kids and three teachers, so the teachers couldn’t help individually and sometimes students got overlooked.”

His class at EES comprises ten students taught by Dr. Candace Jones. From Kindergarten to 12th, they all learn the same curriculum, focusing on life skills like entrepreneurship.

The learners are over “booked,” as they are published authors.

“The first book I wrote,” said Washington, “I said, ‘Wow, I really wrote a book.’ Now, I have five books, and I have much more to write.” At 16 years old, Washington has multiple books in his science fiction series.

Dr. Candace Jones, the head of the school, created the unique concept. “It changes the trajectory of their whole life. They are attaining things that most adults can’t figure out how to do.”

Dr. Jones says children from the inner city are motivated by money. “If you don’t steward them the right way, they will take the money, but we teach them to make it.”

Students sell their books online and in person, turning their classroom lessons into real money.

“When they realize they can make money on things they like to do, they move forward like no one’s business,” said Dr. Jones. They open a new world of possibilities in their books and future.

Washington said he lives through the books he writes. “I can say things I wouldn’t say. I can stay up as long as I want to. I can jump off a building and not get hurt– because it’s my world.”

To purchase the student’s books, click here.