MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A young woman who graduated from Lausanne Collegiate School here in Memphis is returning to her hometown from New York, spreading an important message to students.

Over the years, things have changed at Lausanne Collegiate School. But for 2020 graduate Ambria Williams, one thing has never changed.

Her picture still hangs in the auditorium, bringing back memories as she walks around her alma mater. “They haven’t taken it down. I was like, ‘Wow.'”

From 2nd grade to 12th grade, Williams learned and grew here. “I remember playing on the playground,” she said.

Now that she’s a senior studying Policy at New York University, she’s returning to give back to current students. “Being able to conduct police research to understand how we can regulate certain technologies is fun for me and cool and impactful.”

Representing her hometown Memphis, Ambria was the only student at NYU awarded the $30,000 Truman Scholarship.

“It was a big honor because I had been applying for the Truman Scholarship for about six months, said Williams. “It was a six-month process, so to see the hard work pay off.”

Her hard work definitely paid off in a big way. “I was called in by my advisor, and they told me I won, and I screamed and jumped around the board room.”

Now Ambria is jumping on stage at Lausanne this summer, introducing students like her to public service careers and policy topics. “I get to bring the work that I am doing states away and bring it to my hometown and high school where I essentially grew up.”