If you take a look around a Nesbit, Mississippi neighborhood, you’ll notice that someone is in the Halloween spirit.

“We’ve probably got at least $1,000 out here in the yard at any given time,” said Cassidy Camp.

The money is all invested into the pumpkins, tombstones, and cobwebs spread out across the Camp family’s yard.

Camp said people will actually stop to get out and look at the decorations.

“A lot goes into it. Initially, it’s two or three days to get set up. [The decorations] have taken up a whole shed.”

It’s all for a great cause. Using a QR code on a sign in the yard, people can donate, and 100% of the donations go to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital for the “Skeletons for Hope” fundraiser.

“If you like the decorations, you see the sign and feel led to donate then you just donate however much. You hope you never find yourself in a position where you need St. Jude, but it’s a great thing to have if you do need it,” Camp said.

The Camps are just one of about 400 families called “Halloween haunters” across the country that go all out to raise money.

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