Mid-South woman finds joy in giving to others in their time of need

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A few weeks ago, Latasha Peeples surprised a woman with health issues on WREG’s Pass It On with Tim Simpson. She also gave her items like Lysol spray, hand sanitizer and toilet paper.

This deed isn’t unusual for her though. She’s a giver.

Each week she chooses someone in need.

“I pick the person on Friday and then we set up a meeting where we actually go surprise that person so the person doesn’t know that they are even getting a basket.”

Peeples said she knows all too well what it feels like to struggle and said giving is all her spirit knows.

“Even though I was struggling a few months ago to even pay my bills, still now, I’m doing well and able to help somebody else so definitely give back and never forget where you come from.”

She learned these lessons from her grandmother.

“I would sit in the motel room and say, why is my grandmother out there doing so much for people? But you know, she taught me that you know.. yes, you are going through your trials and tribulations but there is also somebody out there that is going through a lot more than you are and it’s our duty to be able to be a blessed to somebody’s life.”

Her message to the community is to give and spread kindness.

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