Darnell Wells is a 19-year-old barber at “The Shop” in Frayser. This summer, for people who couldn’t come sit in his chair, he went to them.

“We were just trying to help as many people as we can. We didn’t know we were going to help that many people,” said Wells.

Behind a red lawn chair, in the Memphis summer heat, Wells went to work in the community. To provide free haircuts to the homeless, he brought a friend, his clippers, and a huge heart.

Darnell giving a free haircut to a homeless man

“It was only two people when we got there. I ended up cutting nine heads and had five more waiting. We ended up giving out at least 30 burgers,” said Wells.

The burgers were Zac Sherrod’s idea. Sherrod paid for the food out of his own pocket.

“He made a post on Facebook (asking) ‘Who wants to help me feed the homeless,’ and I actually followed up,” said Sherrod.

Zac didn’t just want a haircut. He wanted to help.

“God laid it on his heart to go help people, and we feel like that’s what we were called to do at that time,” said Sherrod.

This single act of kindness has multiplied into tens of thousands of likes and shares on Facebook.

“We weren’t going to post it and publicize it at all, but God put it on my heart to post it. I hope it inspires somebody to go out and help somebody else,” said Wells.

Just like in the barbershop, the conversations between a barber and his client are special.

“We learned so much from them. They were giving us their life stories, and how they got into the predicament they’re in — giving us lessons,” said Wells.

Next, Wells hopes to take those lessons to bless Memphis children. He says, “Sometimes it isn’t about how much you have, but sometimes it’s about how much you can give.”

“I’m trying to get to kids, so they know it’s people doing the right thing, and you can do something positive and help other people,” said Wells.

“I was glad to be a part of that experience,” said Sherrod.