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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — One Memphis teen has created an idea that’s making a lot of people smile.

Like many kids his age, 14-year-old Charles Earl loves to play games. He’s such a big gamer that he even has a self-decorated game room. But that doesn’t mean he can’t get down to business.

“Normally when I talk to people I’m probably playing the game and I’m like ‘hey, I’ll be back I’ll be back’ and then I run downstairs to the quietest part where no one can hear me and be like, ‘hello this is “Your Pop Ups.”‘

Whatever the occassion, Charles can help you celebrate by creating and placing his own yard signs.

“Every weekend we are busy,” said mom Telisa Franklin.

Telisa told WREG’s Symone Woolridge she was elated when he came to her with his business idea and has been even more impressed with his willingness to give what he’s earned.

“One Sunday we were at church and he pulled out his cash app and he put $1,000. I’m like ‘son, you don’t have $1,000 in your cash app’ because the preacher was asking for an extra seed, and he said ‘well mom I’m going to have it one day’ and that messed me up. I said ok, he gets it. He knows that he’s going to have $1,000 to give to the poor. $1,000 to give to the needy.”

Charles reads scripture every morning and prays, thanking God for hsi business.

“I think about it a lot because after all my mom has done for me I just think about it and see how good she’s been and how God has really changed my business.”

No surprise, Charles wants to be an investor and own property when he gets older.

If you are interested in a pop up sign from Charles, visit