MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Two barbers are changing the way Memphis gets haircuts while also providing a safe space.

901 Barber Concierge was created during the pandemic and brings the barbershop to you.

For barber Terrence Summers, it’s about the conversations that happen when clients sit in his chair.

“Clients have turned into family. You get to come in chill and be yourself. It’s wonderful for clients to be comfortable when they come in,” said Summers.

For 20 years, Summers has serviced hundreds and formed real relationships.

“Being in the barber shop is very therapeutic. You know when you’re the barber, you’re (also) the counselor. You’re everything to your client,” said Summers.

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Now, he’s not just standing behind the chair but getting behind the wheel.

“You book your appointment and wherever you are, at work or your job, we come to you.” said Summers.

“During the pandemic, barbershops weren’t essential so they shut us down and my clients were still calling,” said Michael Jefferson, owner of 901 Barber Concierge. “I started driving to them and one thing led to another. I got tired of going in and out of their house and lugging my stuff. I said I’m going to get a van and create an idea and I did it.”

Jefferson created a safe space with the same open conversation but less ears.

“Mental health is big for Black men. Now, guys are recognizing more that we can lean on each other and that’s what I love about being a barber,” said Summers. “We need more love and to care for one another more, especially in these times.”

Fore more information on 901 Barber Concierge, click here.