Local group comes together virtually for fun times, fierce competition

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — It’s all fun and games. Well, kind of.

“We are friends but we lay it all on the line. It’s very very tense. Once we start to play you’re on your own.”

Some of these ladies have shared a table every single Thursday for 40 years.

“We have a roller bag that we load all of the equipment in from house to house,” said Bettye Jones.

During these days of social distancing, their game of Pokeno looks a little different. The tables split in Zoom screens.

This is what you call family. It’s not short of sisterhood.

The Lady Pokeno group started as an idea by three of the women, but quickly grew to 12. Now it’s capped at 19.

“We can truly say we do love each other all the way. We have been there and back. Each and every one of us have had crisis.”

They’ve traveled for fierce Pokeno competitions. They have shared weddings, births, graduations and even funerals.

Overall, the ladies love to keep things light, laugh and remember their favorite times.

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