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News Channel 3 has done multiple stories on animals in need of forever homes, like cats and dogs at the Memphis and Shelby County Humane Society.

But what happens when someone wants help, can’t?

There’s a young girl in Memphis who is helping in any way she can. Brooklyn Murray is proving there’s power in compassion at just seven years old.

“Some people don’t have homes or things, so it’s nice to make them feel like they have a home,” Brooklyn said.

The Humane Societies can make and break hearts, getting some of the worst animal abuse cases in the city. Leonard Tiscia works at the Humane Society in Memphis and knows first hand.

“We’re getting those gunshot victims. We’re getting the ones that are set on fire,” Tiscia said.

Throughout the pandemic, the Humane Society has been experiencing an uptick in animal cruelty, causing them to increase their intake to help save animals.

“With that much money going into the care of the animals, extra things like beds and toys and things like that come from incredible people like Brooklyn,” Tiscia said.

Brooklyn may be a small human but she’s a big animal lover. 

She just celebrated her 7th birthday and told her friends that she didn’t want gifts but wanted to help the animals instead.

“Instead of doing birthday presents for her, she requested that all of her friends bring donations for the animal shelter for the Humane Society,” her mother, Anna, said.

Overwhelmed, yet, appreciative of all the donations, Brooklyn and her mom carried in loads of beds, treats and toys that would’ve been birthday presents for Brooklyn.

“I’m just proud of her. You know, most little kids at seven, they want all the toys for themselves and she’s so selfless and it just makes me really happy,” Anna said.

Anna is a nurse, so it is no surprise of what Brooklyn wants to be when she grows up.

“I want to be a nurse, just like my mother. It makes me feel happy that she’s helping others and she’s healing them and making sure they’re okay.

This compassionate seven-year-old is selfless beyond her years, showing friends how important giving to others can be and just how contagious kindness is.

“I just cannot say, thank you enough, Brooklyn. You are an amazing little girl. I think you’re going to go so far in life with your heart, your compassion, and just keep doing what you’re doing,” Tiscia said.

If you are interested in helping the Humane Society like Brooklyn has, visit the Memphis Humane Society for more information.