HORN LAKE, Miss. — Many say the first day of school sets the tone for the rest of the year. Students have new school supplies and new teachers, but Preston Jones has new dance moves.

“I’m six years old and I’m in first grade,” said Preston Jones.

With his backpack, brand new shoes and mask on, Jones is more than ready for his first day of school at Horn Lake Elementary!

“I felt really excited. I felt really good,” said Jones.

And so did the people who’ve now seen his dance moves in this TikTok his mom posted.

“We need this positivity and I’m so glad Preston can be the one to bring this positivity to the world,” said Adrianne Jones, Preston’s mom.

Let’s just say Preston is basking in all the likes and love and his parents aren’t surprised.

“He (is) always a little lightbulb in the room,” said James Jones, Preston’s dad.

“Anytime anyone meets him or sees him for the first, they instantly fall in love with him,” said Adrianne Jones.

And so did the “Fathers of Amazon.” The men lined up in the viral video are Amazon employees who volunteered to help pump up the energy on the first day of school.

“It just reminds us of our why. We want our kids to love coming to school. We want them to be happy and excited,” said Carrie Speck, principal of Horn Lake Elementary.

With Preston’s spunk and dance moves, one day the world will know his name.