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Senior citizens in Germantown are stepping up to spread some love across the Mid-South.

“Somebody has got to tell them ‘thank you,’ if not me and my people here then who,” said
Madalyn Stanford, who lives at Brookdale Senior Living.

It was all hands on deck at Brookdale Senior Living. Residents worked together to send a message of appreciation to the Mid-South community.

“I tried to write something different in every card,” said Stanford.

Stanford said “thank you” is two words that everyone needs to hear.

The group gave out handwritten cards and candy to business owners in Germantown and members of law enforcement.

For Ted Beasley, this “thank you” to Germantown Police is personal because he served the Memphis Police Department for 29 years.

“From the time I was old enough to join the police dept. (I worked there) and I ran the police dept. for a number of years. It’s a thankless job but they get it done,” said Beasley.

The group says there is no age limit on paying it forward.

“For people our age to gather and still give back to the community and do some important things while we’re being looked after,” said Stanford.