With the help of RISE Memphis, more than 1200 people have learned all about managing money.

“My credit score has improved, so it helps me quite a bit,” said Erma Wilson.

Karen Madlock and her team sit with clients and help them figure out their finances for free.

“What we’re really trying to do is help people use what they have,” said Madlock.

After watching the transformations up-close as an employee in the office, Wilson decided to become a client herself.

“I didn’t know what my credit score was, so that’s how I became a client. I wanted to know… (if) I need that extra boost to get my credit up, said Wilson.

Turns out there was room for improvement. That’s where a budget, savings plan and financial goal comes in; It’s something many don’t know they need.

 “I just never took the time to find out. Like many other people out there in the world, (who) just never took the time to find out,” said Wilson. “It’s nothing to be embarrassed about because you’re in the shape a lot of other people are in.”

“We’ve helped clients reduce 2.3 million dollars in debt, so we are doing the work,” said Madlock.

Here is a link, if you’d like to participate: https://risememphis.org/forms/participant/