While facing health challenges of her own, Cheryl Kelley-Henderson had the idea to start a fitness group for women. After calling on her best friend, Sondra Dockery, “Run 4 Our Life,” the nonprofit was born.

This group is hard to miss in their bright pink shirts at Shelby Farms Park every Saturday morning, but their message is even brighter.

“One of our beliefs is a runner is not a type. It’s not a look, it’s actually an action. You get up and move, it doesn’t matter how fast or slow,” said Kelley-Henderson.

Women from 20 to 70 years old complete two solo runs a week and one crossing training workout.

“What started out as me and my best friend has become this whole big journey,” said Kelley-Henderson.

“I was like, ‘Okay, just for you, Cheryl, I’m going to do this,'” said Dockery.

Dockery’s “yes” led to the start of Run 4 Our Lives non-profit.

The ladies don’t just hit the pavement around the lake. They also hold each other accountable.

“There’s more success when you have a group, you have accountability and a place to be,” said Kelley-Henderson.

For these more than 60 women, it’s a place to be healthy and heal.

“After they did one season, they were like, wait a second I’m losing weight (and) my blood pressure numbers are looking better,” said Kelley-Henderson. “I think Run 4 Our Life is just a place where everybody fits.”

If you would like to join their group, click here.