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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — It looks like a toy gun but this product claims it can help find loose bulbs, missing bulbs and can fix defects in a light set with a squeeze of a trigger.

According to the website, it sends a pulse through the light set, finds the bad bulb and fixes the shunt.

"So, we plugged in our lights, and some work and some do not. We're going to use the Light Keeper Pro to figure out where our problem is," explained Corie Ventura.

She  used the audible voltage detector to make sure the strand of lights had a current. It did but she quickly found a burnt bulb that was holding everything up!

"So we are going to remove it and replace it."

She used the silver bulb puller that is nestled into The Light Keeper Pro to remove the mini light from the strand. Then tested that bulb.

"You have a bulb tester. See if the bulb works. And its does not."

She grabbed a fresh bulb out of the reserve bag and tested it. It lit right up. Now that we know we have a working bulb, she plugged it back into the socket. We're back in business.

Next, Corie tested the socket connector.

"We removed the bulb because we really wanted to see if The Light Keeper Pro would send a pulse through the connector and turn our lights back on. And it did."

"Now all we have to do is put a new bulb in the connector. Then we'll be back in business and we can string our lights on our Christmas tree."

If you've already strung your lights on the tree, you can use the audible detector to find the dead spot then fix from there.

Light Keeper Pro, you passed the Does It Work test!


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