MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Patricia Belt rescues dogs off the streets, trains them, and uses them to help Memphians in many ways. 

Belt rescued 9-year-old Astro from Houston right by the space center. They both received a warm welcome at Memphis STEM Academy in Frayser.

As a trained registered fire department “officer,” Astro is a canine public safety educator apart of TN Safety Spotters.

Through hands-on presentations, students all across the Midsouth get to look, learn and even ask questions.

“His ears don’t work,” Belt said.

Astro like many other Dalmatians is deaf.

“This is a wonderful way to advocate for the deaf dogs because they are the first to get put down in shelters. They are considered handicap. I do not consider them handicap but a lot of people do,” Belt said.

For the last thirty years, Mrs. Belt has been rescuing, training, and providing programming with these darling deaf Dalmatians to various organizations in Memphis and the Mid South at no cost.

“They love it and they go home and tell their parents and their siblings and it’s wonderful,” Belt said.