Bright Spot: Two-year-old, essential worker shares a special bond

Bright Spot
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ROSSVILLE, Tenn. — The case of the Mondays gets a little easier for Roy Taylor as he pitches trash into the back of his truck in a Rossville neighborhood.

It’s normally pretty quiet but when he hops back into his vehicle and takes off down the road, there’s a special little voice waiting to greet him.

“Wesley who are we going to see today?”

“We’ll see Roy.”

“That’s right. What does Roy drive?”

“Garbage truck.”

It’s like clock work. Two-year-old Wesley Mewborn patiently waits in his home window before excitedly making his way down the driveway with his trash can.

“By the time he gets to our house it’s like he’s mesmerized with the experience of Roy and his truck.”

Their relationship is sweet and the reunion every Monday even sweeter.

“For a little baby to grab my attention like that, it just went all the way through my heart.”

Hoping to stay safe while most people have been staying in, working from home, Roy is out sun up to sun down providing consistent service for his customers.

“People like Roy and people that are in restaurants that are just trying to survive but they also are providing an essential service.”

Wesley’s mother Emily is an essential worker too. She’s a family nurse practitioner and has found herself more grateful than ever.

She calls this time covid blessing. It’s sn opportunity to share precious moments with her family and spend more time thanking people like Roy.

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