Bright Spot: The Butterfly Effect Girls Mentoring Program

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. —Lori Lynn Love has a passion for helping young women.

“We have some young ladies that have lost their mother. We have a young lady that has lost her mother and her father. We have some children that are suffering from depression, they have low self esteem.”

She had a vision five years ago and made it come alive through The Butterfly Effect, a mentoring program for females ages nine to 30 as they face life’s challenges. She told WREG’s Symone Woolridge she hopes to encourage and inspire, especially by sharing her own story.

“I was a victim of molestation. I was a victim of rape,” she said. “I got married very early, straight out of college at 21/22 years old. That marriage ended in divorce of course. I have two sons from that marriage. I suffered from domestic violence, emotional abuse.”

For about 20 years, she said she lived a hard life. Now, she hoping to help others avoid that life.

Her work is making an impact.

“You can always smile around Ms. Lori,” said one of her butterflies.

“She’s not my biological mother but she is always that second mom to all the girls.”

Now she’s enjoying the art of teaching through activities, community service, girl chats, workshops, group adventures and whatever else she can find to keep her butterflies busy.

“It’s done so many things in my life,” said butterfly Sade Cain. “It helped me overcome my fears when I was younger and what I’m afraid of now.”

“Definitely got me in school,” added Kyndall Smith. “Got me into getting a scholarships and visiting schools, visiting a lot of colleges.”

“Taken me out of my comfort zone and to not be shy around people,” said Savannah Coleman.

So when you think about those heading down the wrong path or just those in need of someone to talk to, make sure to help them because you never know how far a smile and conversation can go.

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