Bright Spot: Teenager combines dance and loving heart to create Empower Memphis

Bright Spot
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MEMPHIS, Tenn.  — Dance is all 17-year-old Brooklyn Johnson wanted to do. Her passion for dance and her love for helping other people led this teenager to start her own non-profit organization called Empower Memphis.

Like everyone starting out, Johnson had to learn the ins and outs of business, becoming her own boss and even hiring her own volunteers.

“The business aspect is pretty hard. There is a lot of paperwork that most people when they start a business would hire a lawyer for like thousands of dollars to do and having to do it by myself is really hard.”

Similar to the program No Child Left Behind, Johnson’s four-day camp provides a full day of activities for kindergarten through eighth grade students. She said it’s a way for kids to bond outside of school, learn new things and even serves as a big help to families that may not be able to afford lengthier camps.

“It’s there for them to be able to get the nutrition that they already get in school because school provides some discounted lunch.”

“I`m just really proud of myself for thinking, I guess outside of the box.”

That same box, not limited to what her future holds.

Aside from being a dance teacher in the future, Johnson said she can see herself pursuing a wide-range of careers. But wherever life takes her, she said Empower Memphis will always be there.

“I`m going to have to work harder to plan something in Memphis when I`m not in Memphis away from college and hopefully within like the next two or three years I can build it up where I can have somebody else plan it for me.”

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