Bright Spot: Social media reunites woman with family

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — These days almost everyone has a social media page except for Verena Perry. She still uses an old-fashioned camera and only uses her phone to make calls.

Perry grew up in a village called Munchweiler with her sisters and mother. It’s the same village where she met her husband who was in the United States Air Force.

“It was Christmas Eve. We went to an officer’s club you know? Us girls. I had never seen a black man before.”

The two fell in love and eventually got married, had a son and moved to Tennessee. But sadly, tragedy struck when her husband was diagnosed with bone cancer. He eventually died in her arms.

“To watch somebody you love die that`s… with God`s help you can do it obviously. You`ve got to have God`s grace and God`s strength.”

Since then it’s only been Perry and her son. She admits to sometimes feeling depressed with no family around. She found herself writing scriptures and praying for peace and happiness.

Then the unexpected happened. Her son received a friend request on Facebook followed by a message saying that their family was trying to find them.

It was Perry’s first cousins.

She was full of emotion.

“My cousins called and got my number from my son. And it was just like ‘oh my God. Oh my God this in incredible.'”

Come to find out her cousins were only five hours away in Alabama.

So before she knew it they hopped in the car and drove to Millington to meet her.

Snapping photos, the new family Facetimed Perry’s mother in Germany allowing her to share in the reunion.

It was a happy ending that took a lot of web searching and phone calling, but took no time to spark up some family bonding.

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