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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — When you mix families of different backgrounds together you get a melting pot of love and insight.

“Just learning how to do their hair and getting to fix it and put them in matching clothes.”

But some things remain the same. Like home videos that still bring years of laughter and precious family moments that stay stashed in your heart forever.

“It`s not just us,” explained Bryan Strozier. “We`re blessed by them as much as they are by us.”

In the last year, the Strozier family has hosted seven kids in their home through a non-profit called Safe Families. It’s an organization that allows families to support parents or guardians going through difficult times.

“Homelessness. It might be drug addiction or some type of crisis, and we really try to support those parents so that those kids don’t go into foster care,” said Tammy Franklin with Safe Families.

But this is unlike foster care. Hostings are short term and parents are welcome to spend time with their kids and host families any time.

“I feel humbled every time Katie texts me and says I have a family for you,” said Rebecca Strozier. “Sometimes I get tears in my eyes. I feel very humbled that God would use us again to host another child.”

They said every experience is different, but the feelings when it’s time to leave are the same.

“It`s bittersweet because they are going home and there is a success involved. But at the same time now my babies are going home.”

“You feel like people make choices that put themselves in hard spots. It gave me fresh eyes to see that it wasn`t all their fault. People come on hard times and it`s not because of things they`ve done and it may just be the cards they`ve been dealt.”