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DESOTO COUNTY, Miss. — It’s a place for those seeking hope and a little bit of help when times get tough. Sacred Heart Southern Missions serves five counties in northwest Mississippi, providing services in emergency situations and for people living in poverty.

Reba Brown was one of the hundreds of people who have turned to them in their time of need. She worked in home health for years and never thought she would be a Sacred Heart client . That was before she lost her mother and her job.

“They came in one day and they let us off.”

Always independent, she said it was hard asking for help.

“It`s a bad feeling.Terrible feeling.

Brown used Sacred Heart as a way to get back on her feet, collecting groceries and even money for her electricity bill.

“It’s hard to see people hurting like that and through no fault of their own.”

Laura Grisham, the communications manager for the organization, said they pride themselves on being a voice of compassion for those who may not have it for themselves.

Latoria Blackshear wasn’t always very optimistic.  She said she was at a low point in her life having just left a relationship with no place to go and four kids to provide for.

“Moving from one place to another and don’t have no where else to go it was kind of difficult.”

Sacred Heart became her family and she has utilized almost every service the organization offers. She’s lived in its housing for eight years, learning about budget development and getting help through credit counseling. The goal was always to one day support herself and that day is on its way.

Blackshear has been approved for her first house.

Sacred Heart. Spreading the love of God and motivation to their clients.


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