Bright Spot: Meet local students who are helping to change lives

Bright Spot
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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Teaching a group of adults, Mia Adkins is just 11-years-old. Despite her young age, she’s already given so much back to her community.

“I never thought I would be right here. At all.  But I was thinking win or lose, I still did something good.”

In school she learned about six global goals, including clean water and sanitation.  She also learned that young girls just like her spent their days fetching water instead of going to school.

“So many people don`t have clean water and they don`t have equitable access to clean water,” she explained.

So she created a fundraising project called Change For Change, setting up spare change jars around campus.

“We raised over $2,000 to provide 20 wells to Central American families,” she said.

“I felt very privileged and very blessed because you take a lot of things for granted and you don`t realize it but you do.”

Then there’s 14-year-old Risha and 12-year-old Krishnav Manga who attend Lausanne. They too decided to fight for underserved communities.

“All the proceeds that we make are going to be donated to the Mid-South Food Bank,” explained Risha Manga.

Together they co-founded “901 Pledge” which raises awareness about food and education inequality, as well as the needs of refugees.They also offer tutoring services and sell handcrafted jewelry to raise money.

“We need to do something to help them just to help them live up to their potential,” said Krishnav Manga. “My mom said for every book that I read she would donate a dollar to my school, and I read so many books that year that my mom was able to donate an iPad to my school library. Just seeing how my hunger to read helped others was an eye-opener to me.”

The siblings said they are working to get more kids involved in hopes to help those who need it most.

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