Bright Spot: Man shares words of encouragement with hospital patients

Bright Spot
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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Valet parking at no cost isn’t the only service offered outside St. Francis Hospital in Memphis.

“Everybody wants Daryl to park their vehicle.”

The smiles are free and so are the true acts of kindness.

For Daryl Moore is not just about parking cars and bringing them back. It’s about connecting with every person who walks into the hospital, possibly going through tough times.

“God could’ve chose anybody else to do this but he chose me.”

Moore has a passion for helping people and being a light in the lives of others, some just for a moment.

“I refuse to take the credit for it. It’s all because of God.”

His impact is truly making a difference. During the interview with WREG’s Symone Woolridge, numerous people came up to Moore just to say hello.

“Where my card at?” one such woman asked while we were there.

“Oh, you know I got your card right here.”

“Write something good on it?”

Come to find out, Moore takes the yellow valet tickets and writes encouraging words. He said he writes whatever he feels is on his heart.

“I keep them and look at them quite often,” said one customer.

“How do they make you feel?”

“Good because some days I need certain stuff said to me.”

Nichole Thomas has spent a lot of time in the hospital after five back surgeries.

“I almost lost my life and my life was saved all in one time here at St Francis Hospital.”

She credited her physical health to the doctors, but her mental health is thanks to Moore.

“I have no doubt that God either put him in my path or me in his.”

Moore said God is here working through him to spread the power of love and laughter at a time when many need it most.

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