Bright Spot: Local teens participate in FBI Teen Academy

Bright Spot
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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — In Allen Edward Hill's Power Center Academy physics class there's no shortage of white coats and brilliant minds.

Many of his current and former physics students have graduated from the FBI Teen Academy, a program that gives young adults an insight on what it takes to keep our country safe.

"We took fingerprints, we took photos, saw what camera they utilized and how they organize theirselves," said senior Taylor Dortch.

"They get to use the skills I taught them as a forensics teacher and apply them to forensic investigation," explained Hill.

The process is no easy task. The students submit their information to the FBI, write an essay and go through a background check. Just the application process alone takes about two months, but the actual time in the academy is just one day.

"The FBI program helped all of us because it gave us a different set of values," said Dortch. "Not just focusing on school but something that we can do even if we choose not to attend school."

Although not all of these students see the FBI in their future, tey do believe the academy taught them life tools they will certainly never forget.

The neatest part of it all?

As a FBI Academy graduate some students are offered a paid internship and, after completing college and clearing another background check, even offered a position.

"These are the most academically motivated, smartest career-focused students I`ve ever had and I`m honored to be their educator," said Hill.


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