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Bright Spot
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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — For some people the thought of a career takes time to think about, but for Terrian Bass-Woods it’s always been crystal clear.

“I just knew it was what I was supposed to do for a long time ever since I was a little girl.”

She has been singing since she was five in the church, in school and everywhere in between. But one place in particular has been a part of her life for years now.

Several years ago Jilly Dyson asked Terrian to perform in an all-girls choir, a start-up that she had no idea would have such an impact on her life. Four years later, Dyson is still here and still cheering Terrian on and helping her prepare for performances.

Dyson began Angel Street, a non-profit that mentors girls ages eight to 18 and provides musical training. It started with about 11 girls and has grown to over 70.

And she’s not just impacting those here at home. Terrian just released her first single called “God With Us” and it’s a hit. To date it’s had nearly 1 million views on YouTube.

“The Lord just meets people where they are. You can hear a message so many times. I don`t think there`s necessarily anything different about the song it`s very standard. But I just think the simplicity of the message is here.” `

Terrian works as a background vocalist for TobyMac, a Christian hip-hop artist.

“I just want to spread the gospel. I think that`s what we`re called to do.

But it was no cakewalk. Over the years Terrian tried out for hit shows like American Idol and The Voice, but didn’t make it through. Although she spent days sad and wondering why, she turned that denial into a blessing.

“I was just like you know what why am I tripping? What am I tripping for? God is going to do what he’s going to do I was literally like, lord it will be done and after that everything just kind of fell into place.”

It’s a blessing that motivates her to keep pushing for herself, the dozens of girls that look up to her through Angel Street, her North Memphis community and the thousands now listening to her music. .

“Pick it up and keep going. If it’s what you love and what you’re passionate about at some point you’re going to come across the thing that’s just for you.”

For Terrian that thing is music.

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