Bright Spot: EdPals make a difference for Memphis teachers

Bright Spot
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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Sixteen years old with adult attitudes.

“This can be a way the youth can get money basically being a teacher’s assistant to a teacher that needs the tedious task handled.”

Entrepreneur Tierney Macon was awarded $700 through Lite Memphis, an organization that helps youth bring their creative ideas to life.

“When I first opened it up, I had 50 applications. I denied like 20.”

Her business EdPal is an idea that sparked in her mothers classroom.

“Two EdPals decorated my mom’s whole classroom because she was injured,” explained Macon.

Her mother has missed time from work, but thanks to her EdPals she’s had nothing to worry about.

“They have to deal with kids and they have their own issues outside of school, so I feel like teachers should also have some help around,” explained EdPal D’Mya Richardson.

The company website allows teachers in Memphis to choose their pal based on their daily, weekly or even monthly needs.

As Macon plans to grow her business her friends and EdPals are taking notes.

“She really inspires me,” said Mikayla McPherson. “Like she said, a lot of people now a times we`re lazy, like we don`t have the motivation that we do now.But with Tierney, I feel that she`s not like a voice for us, but it`s like okay, yes I`m young but I can do this too.”

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