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One local woman is turning her love of quilting into a way to give back.

“While I sew, I think about that person and pray for that person and just pray for their comfort,” said Cheryl Garth.

In between shifts as a nurse, Garth has sewn more than 100 quilts. She has put in thousands of hours and dollars.

“Back in 2013, my sister was diagnosed with breast cancer and I wanted to make her a quilt to go through therapy. I wasn’t a quilter. I didn’t know anything about quilting,” said Garth.

With the help of Google and YouTube, Garth made her first quilt. It provided comfort as her sister battled breast cancer. Just a few years later, Garth was diagnosed with breast cancer.

“At first it was ‘Why Lord? I eat right. I exercise.’ Then, I got to the point ‘Why not me?’ I’m strong. I can take it. I can fight,” said Garth.

Garth fought and won. Now, she continues to make quilts free of charge for strangers when she hears they have been diagnosed or are battling cancer.

“A hug always says ‘I care about you and I’m sorry you’re going through this.’ And I look at my quilts as a hug,” Garth said.

The stitching of the fabric is like a warm embrace in a time of need.

“It just feels like that’s what I’m here to do, I’m supposed to do. Just to give back and pay it forward,” said Garth.

This year marks 5 years that Garth is breast cancer free.

She says she does this all by word of mouth and it’s completely from the heart, so she doesn’t take any money.