Batesville police officer makes a difference while accomplishing a dream

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BATESVILLE, Miss. — No matter if it’s in a school or the police department, she’s making a difference.

“She’s built wonderful relationships with our students, especially some of our students who need a little extra love,” explained Batesville Middle School Principal Chad Lindamood. “She has lunch. She sits down and has lunch with them.”

Shenika Hudson started in law enforcement over a decade ago by patrolling the streets. But now as a school resource officer and part of the D.A.R.E. Program, the most rewarding part of her job in in the hallways with students.

“I have kids that brighten my day. Hugs and handshakes and fist-bumps all the time. I get all of that.”

Lately Hudson has been getting different kinds of gestures. This time she’s being commended for a job well done on duty.

“I have a couple of the guys every time they see me they salute.”

Hudson recently became the first ever black female sergeant in the city of Batesville, Mississippi. It’s a honor she’s been working 13 years to achieve.

“I was crying. I couldn’t stop crying.”

Hudson said she’s been surrounded by family members who work in careers to help others, so she felt it was a calling to follow suit. She never thought she would be making this big of a difference.

She posted the big news online and just a couple days later she had hundreds of comments and messages.

“That was mind-blowing. I was like, ‘wow.’ My phone constantly blew up on Facebook.”

The rank means a lot to her not only because she’s fulfilling her own dream, but because she’s helping others fulfill theirs. She’s giving them a chance to see that no matter the circumstances you can accomplish anything.

“You can do anything…anything you choose to do. I don’t care if you’re male, female, black or white.”

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