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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Whether it’s hitting the gym, climbing the trails or pacing the tennis court, 73-year-old Wanda Martin is busy.

“I want to be fit. I’m very healthy and I’m just very health conscious.”

One of her favorite places to be is the Bartlett Rec Center and you can catch her there throughout the week. She walks every day, works out with her personal trainer twice a week and plays tennis with a group every Tuesday and Thursday.

But there was a hiccup in her routine.

 “My bone was sticking way out to the side of my foot. I always had to get wide shoes.”

Wanda had a large bunion, a bone deformity caused by an misaligned joint.

“I had to do jell pads, cotton balls, all kind of things around my bunion because it hurt so much.”

Wanda’s doctor is one of the first surgeons in the nation to use a new surgical system called Lapiplasty.

It made a big impact.

Following four months of recovery, Wanda is back in her comfort zone and is now focusing on training for an event that she tends to excel in.

She’s a Senior Olympian.

Just last year – well before her surgery – she was named “Outstanding Athlete” by the Memphis District Senior Olympics, an annual event for those 50 and older.

She’s won an armful of medals.

While the event may not happen this year, Wanda hopes her story encourages others her age.

“Do as much as you can. If it’s difficult for you and you’re not fit, the longer you put it off the harder it’s going to be so just be active every day.”