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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The strings of Danny Cosby’s guitar tell a story and his voice does the rest.

“My first album was called Bunk 51. That’s the bunk I was on when I first got locked up at 201 Poplar,” said Cosby.

Now Cosby walks the halls of The Grove Ministry at Hope Church in Cordova. After decades of drug addiction that led to crime, 201 Poplar is the place where Cosby’s life changed keys.

“God opened it up to where I started singing at staff functions and Christmas programs in prison,” he said.

And in 2009, Cosby’s gift of music in prison was finally free to be shared with the world.

“It was a very grey, colorless, dark time but there was a lot of color that came out from the inside. I finally got sober and focused on what I was called to do which is be an artist and songwriter,” said Cosby.

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With the help of Hope Church, Cosby signed a record deal, met his wife and started doing ministry.

“This church was a group full of people that helped me heal and find direction,” he said.

Now Cosby shares his testimony with inmates that are still changing their tune.

Three albums, national tours, a book and more than a decade later – Cosby is living beyond his imagination.

“You look like I look, sound like I sound and got the story I got, and you just want people to look and say ‘maybe I can do something with my life,” said Cosby.