After a lifetime of love, an 82-year-old Frayser woman shares joy by making masks for those in need

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Betty Cantrell of Frayser has always kept herself busy by volunteering around the city, but since the pandemic hit, she’s had to adjust the way she lends a helping hand.

The 82-year-old shared her story with WREG’s Symone Woolridge.

“Three weeks to the day we got married. Never seen him before,” she said about her husband Roy.

The pair have been married for 66 years and still very much in love. But there’s one big bump in the road that left Betty heartbroken. Roy is now homebound, battling a few health issues including cancer.

Betty of course is right by his side taking care of him amid the pandemic.

In between running errands and taking care of Roy, Betty said she finds time to make masks to give to strangers she meets while out and about.

“I counted them at first,”she said. “knew that I gave away about 100, but after that I stopped counting.”

She said she keeps them in her home and car. When she sees someone without one, she always asks if they’re in need.

They may not be perfectly cut, but they are perfectly crafted with love.

“My favorite part is knowing I’m doing God’s will. I do this because I care for people,” she told WREG.

She said she can make about five masks in 45 minutes with her 30-year-old machine. And it’s not just masks. Next to her fabric, she had hand-made stuffed animals ready to give to kids in hospitals.

She said she doesn’t do it for recognition. She does it because she believes it’s what God has called her to do.

If you would like to help us say thank you for Ms Betty’s hard work, please send her a card at 554 Semple Avenue, Memphis, TN 38127.

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