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MEMPHIS, Tenn.– The season of giving is in full swing and a little girl in Mississippi is proving what it’s all about by thinking of others at Christmas.

While some 9-year-olds spend their Saturdays playing with friends, Paisley Jobe is spending her weekend filling others with words of encouragement.

“Because you’re the best.”

Her favorite slogan used every Saturday is delivered in a way to make people smile.

With a small table, chair and clear box, she sells merchandise in her driveway. It only takes a box of rubber bands to create what she’s selling. But it’s not about what she’s selling, it’s more about who she’s selling them for.

“It was getting close to Christmas and not many think about foster kids and stuff so I wanted to get them something just so they know that everybody loves them and still thinks about them and somebody does and it’s me,” Paisley said.

Paisley texted her mom with the idea that she wanted to help foster kids have a great Christmas.

Given the green light, she decided to sell bracelets, using the money she raised to buy gifts for kids in need.

“I usually get the foster kids some stuffed animals and just some other stuff that they’ll want to play with,” she said.

Paisley’s personality is big and her heart even bigger.

“I’m just so blessed that she realizes what Christmas is all about, giving to others,” said her grandmother Leslie Cantrell.

In true Paisley Jobe fashion, the simply made bracelets aren’t left without a personalized gift: a simply made note left inside bracelet bags so those who are donating to the cause know they’re the best too.

Just in time for Christmas, Paisley’s mother tells me they dropped 22 gifts off at an agency in Hernando in hopes the kids there have a Merry Christmas.