Teens today face a lot, and Zoë Harris is tackling her experience as a sophomore at Center Hill High School in a new way.

“Stress and anxiety, I put that in the book because it’s something that, as a student, I experience very often,” said Zoë Harris. “It’s scary because you don’t know how people will react.”

The reaction has been outstanding.

“Her mom and I tell her all the time to allow her gifts to make room for her, and she’s done that,” said Richard Harris, Zoë’s dad.

Zoë’s dad, family, and friends have now hosted two book signings for the 15-year-old author.

“It’s awesome,” said Harris.

After nearly a year of writing “The Bookposal,” Zoë took the next steps of finding the editor before taking the transcript to her parents to make it happen.

“I was cleaning out my closet and (found) a journal with my goals. My 2020 resolution was to have a book published in the next 5 years,” said Harris.

Mission accomplished.

Using some of her own experiences, Zoë told the love story of two teens working in a bookstore in Memphis.

“I definitely put myself into certain characters,” said Harris.

And those characters have landed Zoë on the popular book review app Good Reads.

“I was just on there as a reader, and for me to have my own is like, ‘Wow, it’s crazy.’ It’s amazing to see,” said Harris.

The book is now available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.