Once you enter the double doors at Baptist Memorial Hospital for Women and go up to the NIC-U floor, you see very big machines and a large team.

The NIC-U team cares for precious premature babies and new mothers. Now, 15 NIC-U nurses are currently pregnant themselves.

“My husband didn’t believe me for hours even though the doctor said I was having twins,” said Patricia Uthe.

These nurses all work on the same floor at Baptist and are all giving birth within a few months of each other.

“I’m a little over 26 weeks and having a baby girl,” said Chelsea Fitzpatrick “We share our experiences, symptoms, our moods. It’s been nice to have that support.”

While some may ask if this is some sort of pregnancy pact, Fitzpatrick said “It wasn’t really planned but it was always an idea.”

The team said it comes from being more than just coworkers but friends.

“We hang out outside of work,” Uthe said. “We throw each other baby showers. We support each other.”

Caring for newborns smaller than 5 pounds is much different when you’re preparing for a baby of your own, they admit.

“Since we are in the NIC-U, we deliver early, and (when) you are the same weeks as the baby that’s been delivered. (You) see the size and how strong they are, and you’re still growing your baby.” Uthe said.

This baby boom also comes with its perks.

“Everyone supports each other. If someone is feeling sick, people will help you,” Uthe said.

“We are all very close. We’re friends, so I feel like playdates are in our future,” Fitzpatrick said.