Bright Spot: Student takes passion for art and turns it into a business

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Sketching, snapping and snipping. It's a routine Lacy Williams normally does with her two friends, but when WREG's Symone Woolridge stopped by, she was working solo.

"All girls should be able to express themselves and kind of find enjoyment in art."

Williams is in the ninth grade at Hutchinson. Just a year ago, she and her friends started a company called Stickk It during a school activity that pushed for entrepreneurship.

Of course, the business takes a back seat to education.

"During exam time are times we really needed to study. We put a pause on it. And then at the beginning of this year we kind of took a pause on it too because at the beginning of school our grades really matter."

That's the biggest struggle; being a normal teenager while balancing school and a business.

"As we inch closer to the end of the school year business is back as scheduled."

So, how does Stickk It work? The girls hand paint or sketch what the customer needs. The drawing is then pulled into a computer so the image can be set on a sheet of sticky paper.

Once printed the stickers are ready to go.

"We designate who will cut them out or package them and someone will deliver them. Either they're in someone's locker in school or taking them to the person."

The students are on a mission to make their business work. And since drawing is a passion, Williams said they hope to one day expand the brand.


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