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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The first thing you hear is an English speaking actor and a Spanish speaking actor on stage together. This is Cazateatro, Tennessee’s first bilingual theatre company.

Monica Sanchez co-founded Cazateatro eight years ago. She said the performances are building bridges in the community.

“We want to present another face of the Latino community. I know many people think that we come here and just work, work, work and that’s it but we have other things to offer.”

The doors of Cazateatro are open to everyone. The company promises not only entertaining performances but also a learning experience.

“Cazateatro is an opportunity for the community to show their talent, to learn another language and another culture, to be part of something.”

Cazateatro’s exective director, Dorimar Ferrer is from Puerto Rico. She believes Memphians think all Hispanics in the city are all from Mexico.

“The diversity of the Hispanic community it’s not only this or this. No we really have diversity in the city.”

Cazateatro features actors from Columbia, Venezuela, Mexico and Guatemala.

“You don’t need to speak English or Spanish. We want everybody together to get to know each other.”

Enrique Montiel and Alexandra Carpenter are leads in the company’s production of “The Soul in You.” The script is bilingual but it ‘s the emotion of the actors that connects with the audience.

“Everyone is so expressive and it’s easy to pick up on stuff even if you don’t speak the language,” said Carpenter. “You’re understanding the concepts of what they’re talking about, the way they interact with each other.”

Cazateatro has 40 members in the company.  They perform at the Evergreen Theatre four times a year.