Dancing crossing guard in Millington hands out blessings and smiles

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MILLINGTON, Tenn. — For drivers along Highway 51 in Millington, it’s hard to miss Linda Brown.

Maybe it’s the heavy boots of the lime green crossing guard attire. More that likely it’s the contagious laugh and energy she exudes while doing her job.

Brown has been a school crossing guard for 11 years and has come to be known for her unforgettable moves.

“I wave and do a little dancing.”

Every morning and every evening, she gives out blessings and entertains through dance.

Brown lights up the streets.

“It`s been wonderful. You made our day. I just want you to know that even a school crossing guard as wonderful as you brings a smile to peoples’ face and you bring joy to my life,” said one driver named Tim Harris who pulled over that day.

“Thank you! Thank you. Thank you. And I’m glad that people realize my actions do bring smiles and joy to people,” she responded.

“There`s not a morning that goes by that I don`t see her doing this,” Harris told WREG’s Symone Woolridge. “I noticed one day that I just had a smile on my face as I drove by after she waved at me.”

But that smile Harris has after seeing Brown is the exact reason why she says she’s doing the right thing.

“A lot of people say I be having a bad day but just by seeing you, no matter rain, sleet snow or shine, I make their morning. They have to stop by and give me hugs and everything.”

The “Lord’s work” is what she says keeps her going.

About seven years ago Brown was driving down Highway 51 – the same route she works – when she noticed she couldn’t recall how she got to her destination. It happened to her for about two weeks. She felt her body getting weaker by the day and she said she had a hard time remembering anything. One day she collapsed at her home.

Brown said a large tumor forced her to have a blood transfusion. Doctors were surprised that she even survived.

So every time you see Ms. Brown be sure to remember her story and why she aims to put those smiles on people’s faces. Give her a honk. She’ll always send you with her blessing and that infectious smile.

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