Brides adding pop of color to wedding dresses in dip-dying trend

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Wedding dresses are no longer exclusively white — the dip-dying trend is bringing a splash of color to brides’ gowns.

Lucy Scragg, who designs dresses for her label Lucy Can’t Dance, told Today she was tired of white wedding dresses and wanted to “shake things up a bit.”

Scragg said dip-dying a dress well takes great care, and she tests to make sure the color will come out right.

This is one of her favorite creations:

“The thing I love most about the dress is how it moves. The blue fabric ripples and flows almost like water,” she said. “It adds beauty, excitement and creativity to the dress.”

Blue is a popular color to use when dip-dying.

This dress by The Wedding Present adds a subtle blue ombre flowing to the end of the gown.

Another also chooses blue but gives it a bolder look.

This bride has her color going not down the dress, but rather throughout the gown’s layers:

The below dress, on bride Taylor Ann Linko, may look like it was dip-dyed, but Linko actually airbrushed it, according to Today. Linko said she had tried to use fabric dye, but it didn’t work well with the dress material.

She also added lace flowers to the bottom.

While this colorful trend may be getting more popular, it’s not new. French Kiss the Bride shows a yellow dip-dyed dress from a DIY wedding in Estonia in 2012.

There are tutorials online with steps on how to dip-dye a dress yourself. But if your DIY skills aren’t too strong, some designers will be happy to help.

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