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(Memphis) Andrew Loyd has died at Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital.

Police say Loyd was shot by his father Tuesday night in Farmington, MS.

Billy Loyd Jr., then took his own life.

It happened in an apartment on County Road 200.

Andrew was reportedly shot three times.

Friends read a Facebook message posted by Billy Loyd Jr. about having only 50 cents left and having all his bills to pay.

He said he would take his life and apologized to his loved ones.

Josh Burres says seeing the memorial, the community’s support, brings him comfort right now.  His whole family needs it. 

“He didn’t deserve that at all. He had his whole life ahead of him,” said Burres. 

The shooting happened six months after another run-in with police.

“Why (didn’t ) anybody do anything about it? This could have been prevented,” said Danyl Walker, whose son was best friend’s with Andrew.

Farmington police say they had a stand-off with the father back in April, that he locked himself in his apartment with a gun, and Andrew, and wouldn’t come out.

But Josh tells us when Loyd emerged, police did not arrest him. Instead, they took him to a mental hospital.

“Andrew went to our house, mine and my father’s house,” he said.

Josh says Loyd was only kept in the hospital for a week and when he got out, the family thought they had to give Andrew back, “We didn’t want to. Believe that.” 

He says they thought because Loyd was Andrew’s biological father it was his right to have him.

And also, Andrew wanted to be back with his dad, “Billy was a good man to begin with. He had been a great father for 11 years.”