Boy Scout treasurer pleads guilty to stealing $95K from Germantown troop


David Cline

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GERMANTOWN, Tenn. —A former Boy Scout troop treasurer pleaded guilty Thursday to stealing more than $95,000 over a five-year period.

David H. Cline pleaded guilty to felony theft and agreed to immediately repay Troop 368 in Germantown $95,309.24.

Criminal Court Judge Glenn Wright delayed sentencing for defendant  until the restitution is officially paid to the scout troop.

Cline, 63, said a family member has loaned him the full amount and that it will be paid immediately.

He faces three to six years in prison, but is asking the judge for diversion. Sentencing is Oct. 20.

Attorney General Amy Weirich’s office said Cline, who had primary responsibility for the account, gave conflicting stories about a shortage in the account, but a thorough investigation showed 314 withdrawals from the account that did not correlate with BSA Troop 368 activities from July 7, 2011, to Jan. 29, 2016.

Investigators determined that Cline had stolen money from the account by writing checks to himself or to cash, making ATM cash withdrawals, writing counter checks or making debit purchases. On Thursday, Cline told the court he took the money because he was in financial difficulty.


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